Arrival and Dismissal Information

Daily Morning Arrival and Afternoon Dismissal

SY 2017-2018


Student, staff, and pedestrian safety is one of the most important issues for Lady Liberty Academy Charter School. Daily arrival and dismissal can sometimes be very hectic, and in order to reduce congestion and chances for unfortunate incidents, parents, students, and Lady Liberty Academy staff must work together to implement an arrival and dismissal plan that reflects a commitment to safety.


All student morning drop-offs and afternoon pickups will be on Ivy Street.


For both morning arrival and afternoon dismissal, parents who are driving their students to school should adhere to the following route:

  • Drive east on Sandford Avenue (towards East Orange)

  • Turn right from Sandford Avenue onto Ivy Street


Please note that students will not be permitted to cross the street to get into a car on Ivy Street. Parents are also discouraged from dropping students off on the opposite side of Ivy Street so that students can cross the street. In the event that this must happen, all students are expected to use full pedestrian safety and cross the street at the light.


Please note that the community is unable to park on Ivy Street in front of the school during school hours. Should parents need to come into the school during morning arrival or afternoon dismissal, they are asked to legally park on Chapman Street, or Sandford Avenue, or the next block of Ivy Street. Parents are also asked to be mindful of blocking the driveways and sight line of our community neighbors. Cars that are parked in such a way as to block a driveway are subject to towing and/or ticketing at the parents’ expense.




All student morning drop-offs will take place on Ivy Street. Beginning at 7:30 a.m. staff members will be present to greet students and assist them from the car to the Ivy Street entrance. As a courtesy, students may enter the building between 7:00 a.m. and 7:25 a.m. if they are signed in by a parent/guardian. Please note that no student will be able to enter the building prior to 7:00 a.m.




All afternoon dismissals will take place on Ivy Street. Beginning at 3:45 PM, parents are able to enter the coned off lane on Ivy Street to wait on their student. Parents are asked to drive as far down as the corner of Ivy Street and Chapman to wait for their students. Students will go to their parents’ cars to leave. Once students are in their parents’ car, the car will need to wait in the pick-up line until the car in front of them leaves. All cars will be able to leave the area by turning onto Chapman Street or continuing down Ivy Street.


Please note that cars will only be able to sit for no longer than about 2 minutes. If all students/siblings are not at the car, you will be asked to continue moving and circle the block to pick up your students. Therefore, it is imperative that students/siblings follow all staff directions in order to be ready for parent pick up.


Students who have not been picked up by 4:15 PM will be taken to our fee-based afterschool program and parents will be responsible for the drop-in fee that is assessed. Parents will need to come into the school to sign their child out of the afterschool program and pay the drop-in fee. (Please note that the current drop-in fee is $21.00 per afternoon. This is subject to change and any changes will be announced in a timely manner.)


In the case of inclement weather (defined as temperatures below freezing, thunderstorms/hard rain, or more than a few inches of snow) this dismissal procedure will remain the same with students being held inside the school until their parents arrive on Ivy Street.


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